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1st NSERC HydroNet Symposium
Date : March 29th to 30th, 2011

Location : Delta Winnipeg, 350 St. Mary Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

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Presentations and Abstracts
Presentation Abstract NSERC HydroNet: Mesoscale modelling of the productive capacity of fish habitats in lakes and reservoirs. * Dr. Daniel Boisclair. Université de Montréal.
Presentation AbstractUpstream Lake Sturgeon Passage at the Vianney-Legendre Vertical Slot Fishway.
* A. Marriner; Dr. David Zhu, University of Alberta.
Presentation Chemical and biological drivers of fish productive capacity. * Dr. Joseph Rasmussen and Caitlin Good, University of Lethbridge.
Presentation Abstract Modeling selective withdrawal scenario upstream of a dam: It’s impact and necessity.
* M. R. Islam; Dr. David Zhu, University of Alberta
Presentation Abstract Monitoring river ice processes at Newfoundland HydroNet sites. * J. Morley, J. Nafziger and Dr. Faye Hicks, University of Alberta.
Presentation Abstract Applications of airborne remote sensing : Assessing physical and ecological impacts of dams along the Kananaskis River, Alberta. * Holly Buehler(1), Dr. Brett Eaton(1), M. Hassan(1), and Dr. Michel Lapointe (2). (1) Department of Geography, University of British Columbia ;
(2) Department of Geography, McGill University.
Presentation Abstract Hydraulic Modelling Options for Newfoundland HydroNet sites. * J. Nafziger, J. Morley, and Dr. F. Hicks, University of Alberta.
Presentation Measuring Productive Capacity Of Fish Habitats. Dr. Ken Minns(1) and al. Updated from a previous presentation (AFS-OC). Presented by Bob Randall, Fisheries and Oceans. (1) Adj. Prof., Ecol. Evol. Biol, Univ. Toronto; Scientist Emeritus, Fisheries & Oceans, Burlington.
Abstract Quantifying stress in fish: The relationship between Heat Shock Proteins, lactate and flow
variation in regulated and natural rivers. * Simonne Harvey-Lavoie and Dr. Daniel Boisclair, Université de Montréal.
Presentation Physical habitat modeling. Lesley Winterhalt(1), Brett Eaton(1) & Michel Lapointe(2). (1) University of British Columbia. (2) McGill University.
Presentation Abstract Studying the geomorphic aspects of changes to fish habitat below hydro dams: changes to bed substrate characteristics as well as changes to size and morphology of channels. * Fabien Hugue (1), and Dr. Michel Lapointe (1), and Dr. Brett Eaton(2). (1) McGill University (2) University of British Columbia.
Abstract The thermal and spatial ecology and associated entrainment risk of burbot (Lota Lota) in a large hydropower reservoir in British Columbia, Canada. * Philip Harrison (1), Lee Gutowsky (2), Steve Cooke (2) & Mike Power (1). (1) University of Waterloo (2) Carleton University.
Abstract Spatial ecology of bull trout in a hydropower reservoir: implications for entrainment risk. * Lee Gutowsky (1), Philip Harrison (2), Mike Power (2) & Steve Cooke (1). (1) Carleton University (2) University of Waterloo.

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