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Understanding the effects of hydroelectric operations on aquatic ecosystems

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It is difficult to accurately estimate the effects of hydropower on the productivity and the biodiversity of aquatic communities. NSERC HydroNet’s five year research program will:

  • Define standard approaches to estimate the Productive Capacity of Fish Habitat (PCFH);

  • Identify the best indices to represent PCFH; and

  • Identify key variables related to hydropower that affect PCFH.

The research program will provide scientifically defensible and transparent tools to assess, mitigate and minimize potential impacts of hydropower generation on aquatic ecosystems, improve the decision-making process associated with hydropower operations, and reduce conflict among water resource users.

NSERC HydroNet’s research program includes two complementary themes: 

The NSERC HydroNet research program is supported by the Strategic Network and the Collaborative Research and Development Grant programs. Projects developed by DFO scientists to be complementary with NSERC HydroNet research program are supported by the Center of expertise on hydropower impacts on fish and fish habitat (CHIP - DFO).

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