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Project Title Supervisor (s) University Student Collaborators
Stress state of fish in hydro-peaking River: effects of heavy daily flow discharge in a top predator, Esox lucius (Northern pike) D. Boisclair Université de Montréal Simonne Harvey-Lavoie (Ph. D.) Suzie Currie ( Mount Allison University)
Ecological effects of river discharge and temperature regimes on fish populations D. Boisclair &
P. Legendre
Université de Montréal Camille Macnaughton (Ph. D.) C. Senay; G. Lanthier; G. Bourque
Exploring the Uncertainty in the British Columbia Instream Flow Methodology in a Steep-Mountain Stream M. Bradford &
R. Peterman
Simon Fraser University Dorian Turner (REM)
Nutrients as chemical drivers in regulated and unregulated rivers across a geographically diverse range J. Rasmussen University of Lethbridge Caitlin Good (M.Sc.)
Flow Regime of Natural versus Regulated Rivers M. Lapointe McGill University Fraser McLaughlin (M.Sc.)
Effects of dams on the thermal regime of rivers. A. St-Hilaire &
N. Bergeron
Institut national de la recherce scientifique Laurie Beaupré (M.Sc.)
Water temperature modelling at the local scale and characterization of the thermal regime of regulated and natural rivers A. St-Hilaire &
N. El-Jabi
Institut national de la recherce scientifique Audrey Maheu (Ph.D.)
Studying the geomorphic aspects of changes to fish habitat below hydro dams: changes to bed substrate characteristics as well as changes to size and morphology of channels M. Lapointe
McGill University Fabien Hugue (Ph.D.) B. Eaton &
M. Kalacska

Physical Habitat and Invertebrate Communities Below a Hydropeaking Dam: Examining Progressive Downstream Change M. Lapointe &
B. Eaton
University of British Columbia Lesley Winterhalt (M.Sc.)
Morphodynamics of a hydropeaking system: Geomorphic and Ecologic change along the Kananaskis River B. Eaton &
M. Hassan &
M. Lapointe
University of British Columbia Holly Buehler (M.Sc.) INRS-ETE (S. Dugdale &
N. Bergeron)
Geomorphic controls on physical habitat variability in a hydropeaking system B. Eaton &
M. Lapointe
University of British Columbia Aaron Tamminga (Ph.D) N. Bergeron;
F. Hicks;
M. Hassan;
Sarah Gergel
Winter stressors for fish in rivers: The effect of flow regulation F. Hicks &
P. Steffler
University of Alberta; Jennifer Nafziger (Ph.D)
The effects of flow regulation on dynamic winter ice processes F. Hicks &
M. Loewen
University of Alberta; Stefan Emmer (M.Sc.)
Effects of winter releases from headwater reservoirs on fish habitat in small streams R. Cunjak University of New Brunswick Tommi Linnansaari (Post-doc Fellow)
Effect of experimental flow regulation on winter survival and smoltification R. Cunjak & K. Clarke University of New Brunswick Sherr Vue (M.Sc.) Mactaquac Biodiversity Centre (DFO)
The physiological, behavioural and morphological responses of fishes to streamflow alteration and the consequent effects on population dynamics R. Cunjak University of New Brunswick Adrian Hards (Ph.D.) T. Benfey & J. Houlahan (UNB)

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