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2nd NSERC HydroNet Annual Symposium in partnership with BC Hydro, Ecofish Research Ltd. and Hemmera

Date : March 20th to 22nd, 2012

Location : BC Hydro, Centre Auditorium, Burnaby, British Columbia

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Photos of NSERC HydroNet Symposium 2012

Presentations and Abstracts
Presentation Abstract Winter Condition of Atlantic Salmon Parr and Pre-smolts Experiencing Variable Stream Flows (S. Vue*, UNB-CRI; K. Clarke, DFO; and R.A. Cunjak, UNB-CRI)
Abstract Effects of Hydroelectric Dam Ramping Rate Regimes on the Length-Weight Relationships of Four Freshwater Fish Species (B. Kelly*, University of Waterloo; K. Smokorowski, DFO; and M. Power, U Waterloo)
Abstract Biology of Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) Spawning below a Dam on the Richelieu River, Quebec: Endocrinology, Behaviour, and Egg Deposition (J.D. Thiem*, Carleton U; P. Dumont, D. Hatin, MRNF; G. Van Der Kraak, University of Guelph; and S.J. Cooke, Carleton U)
Abstract Trends in Fish Passage in Canada and a Case Study on Redhorse (Moxostoma sp.) Passage at a Vertical Slot Fishway (C. Hatry*, Carleton U; K. Smokorowski, DFO; and S.J. Cooke, Carleton U)
Presentation Abstract A Field Study of the Hydraulics at the Vianney-Legendre Vertical Slot Fishway, near St. Ours, Quebec (A. Marriner* and D. Zhu, U Alberta)
Presentation Abstract Mesoscale Modeling of Littoral Habitats in Reservoirs (D. Boisclair, U Montréal)
Presentation Abstract Productivity of Freshwater Ecosystems: An Acoustics Approach (G. Rose*, L. Wheeland, and R.A. Pollom, Marine Institute of Memorial University)
Abstract Hydroacoustic Mapping of Fish Habitat Use in a Hydropower Reservoir (L. Wheeland*, R.A.
Pollom and G.A. Rose, Memorial U)
Abstract Using Hydroacoustics to Spatially Quantify Productive Capacity in Freshwater Ecosystems (R.A. Pollom, Memorial U)
Abstract Entrainment Vulnerability of Bull Trout and Burbot at the Mica Dam (Kinbasket Reservoir, B.C.) (E.G. Martins*, Carleton U; P.M. Harrison, U Waterloo; L.F.G. Gutowsky, S.J. Cooke, Carleton U; M. Power, U Waterloo; and D.A. Patterson, DFO)
Abstract Hydraulic Modeling for Healthy Aquatic Ecosystems (D.Z. Zhu*, Mat Langford, Beth Robertson, Rashed Islam, Adam Marriner, Abul Baki, U Alberta; Alf Leake, Paul Higgins, BC Hydro; Steven Cooke, Carleton U.)
Abstract Adfluvial Adult Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus) Depth Distribution and Diel Vertical Migration across Multiple Seasons (L.F.G. Gutowsky*, Carleton U; P.M. Harrison, U Waterloo; E.G. Martins, Carleton U; A. Leake, BC Hydro; M. Power, U Waterloo; and S.J. Cooke, Carleton U)
Abstract Seasonal Shifts in Diel Vertical Migration (DVM) and Activity Patterns of Burbot (Lota lota) in a Large Hydropower Reservoir: Implications for Entrainment Risk (P.M. Harrison*, U Waterloo; L.F.G. Gutowsky, E.G. Martins, Carleton U; D.A. Patterson, DFO; S.J.C. Cooke, Carleton U; and M. Power, U Waterloo)
Presentation Abstract Reservoir Thermal Structures in Kinbasket Reservoir (C.B. Robertson*, M.T. Langford, and D.Z. Zhu, U Alberta)
Abstract Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of Headpond Hydraulics and Bed Shear Stress at Aberfeldie Dam on the Bull River, British Columbia (M.T. Langford*, M.R. Islam, C.B. Robertson and D.Z. Zhu, U Alberta)
Abstract Some Hydraulic Aspects of Nature-like Fishpasses under a Fish Habitat Compensation Project
(A.B. Baki*, D.Z. Zhu, G. Courtice and N. Rajaratnam, U Alberta)
Abstract Life before Water Use Planning (H. Smith, Chubra-Smith Holdings)
Presentation Abstract Life during Water Use Planning (D. Ohlson, Compass RM)
Presentation Abstract Life after Water Use Planning (P. Higgins and A. Leake, BC Hydro)
Abstract Using Stable Isotopes and Stomach Content Data to Compare the Food Webs of a Regulated and Unregulated River of South-Central Newfoundland (J.M. Brush*, M. Power, U Waterloo; J. Marty, St. Lawrence River Institute; K.D. Clarke and K.E. Smokorowski, DFO)
Presentation Abstract Low Stream Flows: Making Decisions in an Uncertain Climate (D. Turner*, Simon Fraser University; M. Bradford, DFO; J. Venditti and R. Peterman, SFU)

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